Havenly Blue is a private non-profit which dedicates all time and effort to spread awareness, educate, and most of all create humility for positive change.  Havenly Blue wants a society where children are nurtured, loved, protected, and most of all safe.   We strive to build HAVENLY UNITY to create a HAVENLY NATION...and one day a HAVENLY WORLD!  Our nation and the globe will one day be a safe haven for all children.

But...we can only build Havenly Blue with your help and your community building voice.  We thank you for your support!  Spread humility and evoke hope.

Your donation will create mentoring programs through art, music, film, and academics to educate EVERYONE on the prevalent issue of child abuse and neglect.  Havenly Blue will continue The Fallen Butterflies Movement by commemorating children we have lost due to child abuse and neglect through unity events such as public concerts, stress relief exercise, and fun activities for all.


"One day we will live in a society where a child can just be a child"-Founder, Priscilla Perez  




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